How it works - KICO Lap Trays


If you would like to sell KICO lap trays or would like to develop a range of lap trays to feature your own artwork/photography then get in touch with us. Because all orders are made to order in our warehouse there is no need to invest in stock, therefore you can offer an unlimited number of designs to your customers.

Are you interested in offering your customers the option to personalise a lap tray with their own photographs?

Graphics will be provided for your online store. Once you have taken the order and payment is complete, you may provide your customer with your own affiliated email address yourshopname@customtrays.co.uk. From this point KICO will do all the work on your behalf. Your customer will email KICO with their photographs. Providing the image is suitable to print, the order will be made and dispatched within 24 hours! You won’t even see or touch the product!

We promote a strict minimum RRP for KICO lap trays of £19.99 inclusive + Delivery.

To enquire about trade prices please make contact with a member of our sales team: trade@kicoproducts.co.uk