About Kico Lap Trays


The personalised gift industry is growing year on year with a vast range of products such as mouse mats, mugs, t-shirts, canvasses etc… After indepth research, KICO Products has identified a gap in the market and is the only company to provide personalised lap trays.

Lap trays are being increasingly used within the home for more than just eating on in front of the TV. Times have changed and there are more uses for lap trays that suit the modern lifestyle. Laptop use is just one of them and the KICO lap tray is the solution for comfortable use along with natural ventilation (eliminates overheating). Aside from the option to personalise a tray with your own photographs and images, KICO can provide literally thousands of modern designs to suit all tastes and fashions. Either way, KICO lap trays make a very practical gift for Birthday and Christmas presents!


All materials are sourced and made to order in England. “We aim to provide a unique product of the highest quality, supported by the quickest of drop-shipping services!” KICO predominantly drop ships on behalf of online retailers, however stock enquiries from distributors can also be catered for.

“There are many more innovative products on the horizon, and that’s what KICO is all about!”